Achieving My Goals

Recently I was cleaning up my inbox and I stumbled across an old email dated January 4, 2019. The email caught my eye and I opened it. This is what it said…
1) Sell Real Estate in Kelowna
2) Lead a Team of Realtors that truly care
3) Inspire women to be and do their best…
I had a couple of other points as well, I’ll save that for later! LOL. I must have been doing some goal planning or planning to work on a vision board and sent an email to myself. Fast forward almost three years and I have started working on three of the five points that were in that email. Interestingly, I don’t remember laboring over the decision to get started on these goals, it was when they were in full view that the questions, hesitations and fear started to set in. Realizing that my “Why” is so much greater than my fear and that at this point I would rather try and fail than not try at all, I pressed on. So, here we are a few winters later, mid pandemic, recent flooding in the lower mainland in B.C. and a booming real estate market (none of these I could have predicted!!)… and we are headed back to Kelowna, excited and ready for a winter of travel between Kelowna and Saskatoon as I continue to expand my client base in both cities.

In preparing for this transition I felt overwhelmed with many different emotions and it was very timely that I came across that email, as it was cause for reflection. So much has happened in a short time! When you love what you do, putting things into motion can happen pretty quickly! I have been blessed with such amazing team mates, women who are eager to learn and are like minded. Unanimously, we believe that our client’s interests come first and we are here to serve them as we help them achieve their goals. Knowing how busy we can be working in a fast paced business, we have purposely created a culture that recognizes the need to take time to care for ourselves and for each other, allowing us to work from our best selves while continuously challenging and inspiring each other to step outside of our comfort zones to become who we were made to be. This year Nicole will be on the ground working directly with our Saskatoon clients when I am in Kelowna. Nicole is very excited to take this on and has worked very hard this past year to become a licensed realtor. Shaunna will be gaining more real estate experience as she will be handling both the B.C. and Saskatchewan administrative duties. Drawing from my professional and personal experiences, I will navigate both markets while passing down the knowledge I have gained. Passionately leading the team and teaching them along the way, I do this not because I know everything, I do this because it is what I love to do! I am passionate about the real estate Industry and I love to help people move forward. Building a team that my clients can trust and rely on when I am away is very important. Knowing we all have each other’s back and using our individual strengths to create a diverse knowledgeable team, I have to say is more than I had imagined! I am honored to work alongside such amazing women, who inspire me to be more of my true self every day!

As I head back to Kelowna, I am confident that my team and I are more than ready to serve our clients in both cities. It becomes clearer that I am not leaving anything behind…I am just expanding, growing, learning and ready for another adventure!!

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