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Tis the season to list your home!

Winter brings serious buyers and lower inventory which can eliminate some of that competition to help your home stand out and be truly appreciated. When it comes down to it, moves happen for all sorts of reasons, all year round. Winter can be a beautiful time to sell your house.

The most important things to remember when selling a house in the winter is to make sure potential buyers have a nice clear and slip free path to the front door and back yard. Nothing says I care for my home more than a clear side walk and walk way. Going that extra step to make sure it’s well lit also provides great curb appeal. Whether you have a bright porch light or a front yard lamp, lighting is very important when the sun is already setting before you even get home from work. Everyone loves some greenery even in the winter, so consider brushing snow off the evergreen in your yard or even a winter plant (fake or real) for the front step. A simple wreath can make your entrance feel welcoming on a cold day. Lastly, ensure your yard, step or any out buildings are tidy and have a path cleared to see inside. Trying to leave the majority of snow in the yard undisturbed adds that winter bliss to your yard and lets the light you have provided glisten upon it.

Once entering the house, it would be so nice to feel the instant warmth by turning up the heat a notch or two. Your guests would feel welcomed with the smell of fresh baked cookies or a subtle winter scented candle such as cinnamon or vanilla. A clutter free entry with a large entrance mat adds that welcoming effect. Light is also very important inside the home, with outside so dark or gray it can make the inside look gloomy. Motion censored lamps or wall lights are great for adding that extra light from different areas in the space. A little extra cleaning and sparkle can really help brighten up your home. Polishing faucets and floors, removing clutter and personal artifacts like family photos, and simply setting the dining table can really help your house shine. Playing some soft music in the background and adding a vase of flowers will help the potential buyers envision this being their new home.

Once there is a warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere created they might not want to leave. It’s the attention to even the smallest detail that can help sell a home.

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