Fall Yard Maintenance Tips

Fall is a time of change and growth, and this includes your yard. As the leaves fall from the trees, it’s important to ensure that you’re maintaining your property so that it stays nice year round. Read on for tips on how to maintain your lawn as the seasons change!

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall may seem counter intuitive, but it will really help your lawn out in the spring. The top may slow its growth, but the roots will continue to still grow as the weather cools. The roots will benefit from the extra nutrients and will actually store it until the growing season starts again in the spring. The late season fertilizer will encourage deep root growth.
You may also consider aerating, power raking and over seeding your lawn in the fall as well. All this will prep it to have a great start to the spring growing season. Raking the leaves is beneficial as well. It will allow the lawn to see the fall sun, and we know cleaning up soggy leaves in the spring is never fun. Make sure to have all your tool and hoses and kids toys put away as well, as we are never sure when the first snowfall is going to appear!

As the temperatures drop, the days of sitting on the patio and sipping your favourite drink are decreasing. So it’s probably a great time to put the cushions away, wipe down and clean the furniture, and either store it in the garage or securely wrap it with a tarp to keep the weather elements from weakening it over time.


If you can do it safely, gutter cleaning is also great to do in the fall. Take out all the fallen leaves from the gutter before the snow and moisture appears, clogging up the downspouts and drains. Make sure your ladder is secure and set up properly, and have someone else around to hold it in place and make sure everyone stays safe!

Fall is a great time to prune your trees and shrubs. And if you are wanting to transplant any plants, now is an optimal time. Sometimes if that is done in the spring or summer while the plant is growing and blooming, it can shock the plant and sometimes it won’t recovery fully or at all. So doing that as the growing season has slowed or stopped is great. Also, getting rid of those long, dangly branches can stop the wild winter winds that can break those off and cause some damage.


This fall is the ideal time to clean your mower and get it ready for winter. You can even prepare your snow blower so that you don’t have any problems when the first big storm hits!


As fall approaches, it’s important to start taking care of the home exterior. Fall is a great time for lawn maintenance and pruning trees. It also offers an opportunity to clean gutters and take care of your yard tools and furniture. If you can take these simple steps now, then your house will be ready for the holidays without any worries! What are some ways you prepare for autumn? Let us know in the comments below.


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