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Mid year awards… | Lisa Kloeble's

Mid year awards….what are they? What do they really mean? So many people probably wonder why, as realtors, we share our awards on social media platforms. Are these posts good for business? Well, if you are a doctor or a lawyer do you promote when you have a record number of clients or perform life saving surgery…no…I don’t think so?! So why do we post these awards? Why did I post them? I guess It was because I was seeing everyone else doing it?? It does make me feel a bit uncomfortable, it seems so boastful and excessive. I gave it some thought this year and concluded…YES, I am going to post and I am going to blog about it. Here is why!

There is so much work that goes into setting my goals, staying on track and hitting my milestones. Mid-year awards is a time for me to slow down, reflect and celebrate the successes, change what isn’t working, possibly readjust my goals or maybe if I’m lucky, I can just stay the course. Entrepreneurs know you have to be very driven, have a great work ethic, be self motivated and see the big picture. Today’s work is tomorrow’s success. It is necessary to check in frequently with yourself to make sure you are heading in the right direction. The saying, “There is no such thing as standing still; you are either moving forward or going backwards” is very true. Our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well being affects our work and work habits, that’s why staying  positive, healthy, taking care of yourself and setting boundaries is so important!

Many people would say, this year has been challenging with COVID and all the changes it brought. For me it has been quite a challenging year professionally and personally. Therefore, receiving the Pacesetter Gold award for the first half of this year is very important to me and besides my very first award this one means the most! As you all know, I am dually licenced and working in both Saskatoon and Kelowna. Last year I started building a team and website to make this all possible. In November of last year my husband and I went to Kelowna to get the Kelowna business started. No sooner did we unpack our bags and Kelowna went into lockdown. It is not easy to start a real estate business during a pandemic! Meeting people and networking is key! Also, there is always a risk in leaving my business behind in Saskatoon, it takes consistency to keep my business growing, which is difficult when away but my team ensures it is business as usual. Oddly enough, I think the pandemic helped me, as it brought about virtual meetings, virtual showings, screening clients for pre-approval and the need for discretionary viewings. It seems there were as many pros in an imperfect business environment as there were cons for my new adventure!

We came back to Saskatoon at the end of February after doing a little business in Kelowna. Even though business didn’t thrive in Kelowna, other parts of my life grew from the experience. Being closer to the two older boys and spending time as a family was very special.  Spending time with our grandkids prior to lockdown and just revisiting my past experiences when I lived in Kelowna was very healing and enlightening.

During our time away my 91 year old mother in law was failing in a care home with all the Covid restrictions. Making it even harder, my grandson was diagnosed with a rare disease and was very sick, our son in law was out of work and my mother had moved in during COVID! So much happening in such a short time. So this is the part of the blog where I talk about how you have to stay focused and keep pressing forward. LOL. Even though I was dealing with so much personally and the business in Kelowna wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I had to come home and get focused!  Nose to the grindstone and getting back to the basics of real estate I got to work! My team and I joined a workshop and got some training. We delivered flyers, reached out to leads, called past clients letting them know I am still servicing Saskatoon…the list goes on. Getting listings was key, especially good ones; pricing right and preparing for multiple offers; studying the market; knowing the inventory and being very strategic when working with buyers would ensure a successful spring. So off I went…working hard, hoping to still accomplish my 2021 goals and everything considered I am on track! Phew…

I thought I would be able to return to Kelowna sooner, but the real estate market in Saskatoon has been very busy. So six months later, I am headed back ready to work hard and focus on selling homes in Kelowna!

Since the return back to Saskatoon in February, my mother in law has passed on; our grandson is healing; our boys are living out some of their dreams and working towards other dreams and goals and yes, my mom still lives with me. This year’s mid-year award means a lot more than selling a lot of houses. It tells a story of perseverance during trying times! Am I settled? No… Do I feel like I know what is next? No…?? But I know a few things. I am grateful to be alive, that Covid restrictions are lifting, I am healthy, learning and growing. My team is amazing and so supportive. Life is good!

OH NO – BREAKING NEWS -THIS JUST IN!! Really!! No way! Mask restrictions are being reimposed in Kelowna because of a big Covid outbreak. The struggle is real…stay the course, Lisa!

Don’t wait for tomorrow, view houses for sale in Kelowna & Saskatoon.

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