New to the Team

Sometimes the best thing about a new job is a new perspective!

When I first joined Lisa Kloeble’s team I had this idea that my job would be doing a bit of paperwork and helping out where I could. I had no real idea what the job entailed and only a preconceived notion about what Realtors do. I definitely had no clue to the amount of paperwork and processes involved or what it takes to run your own business. I was one of those people that thought Real Estate was pretty straight forward: you get a buyer or seller and buy or sell a home! How difficult could it be? How little I knew! I had a real learning curve! Not only was I learning my own role, I was also learning the role of a Realtor and everything they need to do in order to be successful! During this time I’m not sure if it was the remote learning; Covid fatigue; or short term memory loss that comes at this stage of life; but I was slightly overwhelmed and to make matters worse things weren’t really sticking. At this point, not only was I worried about my job, I was starting to worry about my health…what was wrong with my brain! Fortunately for me I had joined an amazing team that had an abundance of patience, were great teachers and one day I woke up and it all just made sense! The paperwork and processes are now a routine, but I’ll be honest thinking like a Realtor is still a challenge. I’m amazed at all Lisa does! I think we’ve all heard people share their opinions about Realtors, some good, some not so good, but when I hear that they don’t have to work very hard, I struggle with that one. This opportunity gave me real insight into the work that Realtors do behind the scenes. The work that no one sees or maybe even knows about. I work for a Realtor who works numerous hours each day managing her business, employees, and most of all, taking care of her clients. I often wonder where she gets the energy? Wrapping my head around the work that is involved with being a good Realtor still amazes me!

Meanwhile I’m still learning to think like a Realtor! I have taken my admin skills and have moved into the Office manager position within the team. I really enjoy the work that I do with the team and enjoy helping our clients. I feel grateful for this opportunity and for the new perspective I have gained!

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