Summer 2021

What makes your heart beat with Passion? What exhilarates you and brings alive the True You? Where do you go to be really present? I don’t consider myself an experienced hiker. I like to say I am a lover of the hiking experience.

As a busy REALTOR®, my mind is full, my phone is noisy and I am always on the go. A few years ago, my husband and I took up hiking when we were on vacation. Exploring new areas and getting some exercise seemed to make sense. We really love it!

This past summer I had the opportunity to do a trail in Banff. This photo was taken there. The hike itself wasn’t really difficult but it was very beautiful and the view from the top was so fantastic. I love this picture of me, it is a picture of me being PRESENT! Hiking does this for me.

Upon assent as I attend to the details of following the path I find myself living in the moment. Not concerned about what was left behind or what is ahead. Respectfully exploring what Mother Nature has gifted us with. Step by step, in rhythm, the colours, smells and my surroundings seem so vivid.

Upon summiting I am relieved, full of joy and very grateful. Grateful to be alive, healthy and able to live life to the fullest. As I breath deeply and take in the view, enjoying the feeling of accomplishment I recognize this is my most pure form of wasn’t a wasn’t about anyone else, it was just me being the true me … me being present. Coming off the mountain my adrenalin drains, muscles start to relax, I feel enlightened, excited, energized, chatty, somewhat changed…even AWAKENED…and as a friend of mine has challenged us all to be, I am ready…ready to be more courageous, more compassionate and more passionate with myself and others.

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