Best Realtor In Saskatoon - House Buying Tips by Lisa Kloeble

What you need to know before you buy a house

With the real estate market as busy as it is, my first piece of advice is to hire an experienced REALTOR®. This is SO important right now!

What is an experienced realtor and why do you need one?

An experienced realtor works in the market everyday and can provide advice and tricks of the trade you cannot find with a google search. Strong negotiation skills and market knowledge can positively impact the transaction. But more importantly an experienced agent can offer you a potential edge on new listings and a great deal using their strong rapport with other agents, community connections and industry referral network.

Just as no one would have expected a worldwide pandemic… no one expected the real estate market to be so busy during these times either. Low interest rates and a shortage of inventory together have driven house prices up significantly. An experienced realtor has the knowledge and confidence to navigate and lead you through a market that is unpredictable and fast paced. With the market so competitive it is crucial that you are notified of new listings as soon as they hit the market and if possible even before the home is officially listed.

Now that you’ve hired the best Realtor in Saskatoon and Kelowna

There are a few steps I follow with every buyer before we start shopping to ensure a desirable outcome.

1) I interview my buyers to get to know them and so they can get to know me. This helps my buyers to understand my style and to know if we are a good match. I also make it my goal to understand your style, get familiar with your risk tolerance and what is most important to you….time or money.

2) I then review my buyer’s presentation and walk buyers through the buying process and what they can expect.

3) Since preferred buyer status is very important in this market, I request that buyers are pre approved with their lender.

4) I prepare my buyers for viewing homes for sale by reviewing home viewing etiquette.

Ready to make an offer!

There are a few different ways to structure your offer to make it appealing to the seller. There are many details that will affect our offer strategy, I will discuss these with you and create an action plan to achieve the best possible outcome.

Here are just a few of the many ways I use to make your offer appealing to the sellers.

1) Strong Offer: a very desirable offer that factors in price, possession date and conditions

2) Emotional Offer: an offer that appeals to the emotions of the seller

3) Strategic Timing: an offer that uses the length of time on the market to our advantage

The bottom line when purchasing a home is to find a REALTOR you can trust, make sure you are preapproved, spend time with your REALTOR® so they know what is most important to you and then leave the hardwork and negotiating up to them.

“Your job is to dream of the perfect home, my job is to make it happen.”

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